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Forever Rose Collector!

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Gorgeous Rose

I absolutely LOVE My Forever Red 24K Gold Trimmed Rose. So perfect for my desk and classic.

This blows

It looks so terrible my wife hates it


I have several Forever roses and I love them all.

Makes me a hero.

What gal doesn't like a rose or gold jewelry? This combines both..... and it's FOREVER!

24K Gold Forever Rose - Galaxy Rose


Lifetime Warranty

Free Shipping

90-Days Return

One of a Kind

Lifetime Warranty

Free Shipping

90-Days Return

One of a Kind

One of the most unique roses we've imagined to date, our Galaxy rose features dark, multi-colored sparkles set on rose petals that are very dark, but not quite black. It reminds us of gazing up at the night sky. We've hand decorated this rose to be an artistic interpretation of the galaxy we live in and other galaxies in the universe like it. Our Galaxy Forever Rose was inspired by the miraculous concept that we're able to find and connect with a small group of people we love in a space as large as a galaxy.

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, and other galaxies in the universe are made up of a swirling mass of gas, stars, dust, and dark matter. For us humans living in a relatively tiny space called Earth, it's hard to conceive space as large as a galaxy. By some scientific estimates, there could be two trillion galaxies in the universe and more stars in all these galaxies than grains of sand on planet Earth!

Why Choose This Forever Rose®

  • A Real Rose Dipped in Real 24K Gold
    Your 24K Gold Forever Rose is handmade in small batches using a real rose selected at peak bloom and preserved in a durable lacquer shell to capture its detail and natural beauty. After preservation, the rose is dipped and plated in real 24 karat gold to create this breathtaking masterpiece that lasts forever.

  • One-of-a-Kind, Unique, and Everlasting
    No two Forever Roses are alike. With over 60 meticulous steps, and days of hand work by skilled artisans, each Forever Rose is one-of-a-kind, unique and everlasting. This makes your Forever Rose a perfect symbol of true love, eternal relationships, and undying friendships.

  • Guaranteed to Last Forever
    Unlike traditional roses that wilt and die within days, or preserved rose boxes that last about a year, our roses truly last forever. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on every rose we sell. For complete details, read more about our warranty.

  • Signature Presentation For The Perfect Gift
    Your Forever Rose will be presented in our trademarked gold gift box with decorative gold bow. Each gift box includes our Certificate of Authenticity, which describes the process of making the rose, the lifetime warranty, and care instructions.

  • Great Reviews and a 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
    With five star feedback from thousands of customers, we’re confident you’ll love your Forever Rose. But you can also have confidence that you are welcome to return your rose within 90 days for a refund or exchange. Custom roses or roses with engraving or personalization are not returnable. For complete details, read more about our satisfaction guarantee.


  • Overall Length: 11 - 12 inches (28 - 30 cm)
  • Finish: Stem, Petal and Leaf Tips in Real 24K Gold
  • In The Box: Forever Rose, Gold Gift Box & Bow, Certificate of Authenticity
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Returns: 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee (Excludes custom or engraved items)
  • Shipping Container: Shipped in a discrete and sturdy box that doesn’t reveal what’s inside

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