Get Them a Gift That Will Last Until They're Old Enough to Appreciate It

What do you get for a baby that's just been born? It's a challenging question because parents are often showered in new baby gifts leading up to the delivery, as well as after the big day finally arrives.

Clothes, toys and baby paraphernalia abounds. Soothers and rattles are a dime a dozen, and anyone can give them another onesie that says something like 'little princess' or 'mommy's little man'.

You want to give them something unique. Something that's going to make them stop and say WOW!

Thankfully, Forever Roses are the best new baby gifts, not just for the new baby itself, but as great gifts for siblings ofthe new baby or new baby gifts forthe parents of the bundle of joy.

We've picked out some of our best new baby gift ideas and collected them here, to help you decide which Forever Rose is right for your next new baby gifts.

Birthstone Roses

Our limited edition Birthstone Collection roses make a fantastic and thoughtful gift for a new baby. These roses are released in small batches for each month, so they may not be available at all times. We have plenty of other roses in similar colors and even if these are out of stock, you can use this as inspiration for a thoughtful, birthstone themed gift.

Orange Rose New Baby Gifts

Some of the Best Gender Neutral New Baby Gifts

Is there anything more exciting than bringing a new life into the world?

For parents everywhere, this is a momentous occasion worthy of celebration and revelry. That's why this gorgeous Silver-Trimmed Orange Forever Rose is an amazing choice for your new baby gift baskets.

The new parents will be grateful that you've given them something almost as vibrant and beautiful as their new little one. And best of all, orange Forever Roses are a wonderful unisex choice for new baby gifts, so you can rest assured it's a great choice no matter what gender the baby might be. 

Purple Rose New Baby Gifts

A Great Part of New Baby Gift Baskets

A newborn is the epitome of a clean slate. There's a whole world of possibilities ahead of this little one, and it's anyone's guess what routes they'll choose once they're old enough to find their own passions and dreams.

So, it's no surprise that purple roses would be a fantastic fit for new baby gift baskets, since they are known to represent creativity, openness and infinite possibility!

This striking Two-toned Platinum trimmed Forever Rose would make a phenomenal addition to any new baby gift baskets.

Pink Rose New Baby Gifts

Fitting for a Gift from New Baby to Big Sister

Siblings can get very jealous when there's a new little brother or sister on the way. They often feel slighted or shoved out of the spotlight. Why should they have to share mommy and daddy's love with a baby? 

Many parents and close relatives have made a ritual of making sure that siblings are given something as a gift either alongside gifts for the baby, or as a gift from their new brother or sister.

Forever Roses make a fantastic gift from the new baby to big sister or brother. This Gold-trimmed Bright Pink Forever Roses in particular make an impactful impression as a gift from new baby to big sister.

Blue Rose New Baby Gifts

Perfect for Gifts from New Baby to Big Brother 

Little boys may not necessarily gravitate towards flowers, but that doesn't mean that Forever Roses can't make great gifts from new baby to big brother.

It's fairly common for boys to be rough-and-tumble as children, but that's something that can be dangerous with a new baby around. That's why Forever Roses can be such a thoughtful gift for these boys. 

Using the Forever Rose as an example, it can teach little boys about how beautiful, special things can also be fragile and need to be handled carefully - just like a new baby. 

These Two-tone Platinum-trimmed Blue Forever Roses are eye-catching enough to intrigue even the most rambunctious young boys, and they can keep it to remind them of these important lessons for years to come.

White Rose New Baby Gifts

Gifts for New Moms That Aren't for the Baby

Sometimes new baby gifts don't actually need to revolve around the baby. Childbirth is a painful, exhausting time in every mother's life. They deserve to be pampered with love and affection for the struggles they endure to bring these wonderful little people into the world.

That's why it's important to get gifts for new moms that aren't for the baby. These are a perfect way to show new mothers just how much we appreciate the sacrifices they make to have a child.

Representing rebirth, innocence and admiration, there's no more perfect gifts for new moms that aren't for baby than white Forever Roses.

This 24K Gold Forever Rose with Opal Sparkle is a magnificent way to show her some appreciation while she takes the time to recuperate. 

Fantastic New Baby Gift Ideas

The Forever Rose is Perfect for Any Occasion

As you can see, there are a wide range of Forever Roses that make spectacular new baby gift ideas, no matter whether the gift itself is for the baby, the parents or any of their siblings. 

In fact, Forever Roses are the perfect gift for any type of occasion. With a huge range of colors and styles available, you'll be able to shock even the most discerning recipient with a gift that they'll be able to cherish for the rest of their lives. 

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