From our Original Gold Rose collection, it's the one that started it all over 20 years ago and remains our most popular dipped rose to this day! Completely hand made from real roses, each rose is one-of-a-kind, unique and everlasting. Each Forever Rose comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty!


Our Gold Dipped Forever Roses are carefully selected at the peak of their beauty and perfectly preserved in a durable lacquer shell to preserve the detail of the rose. Next, they are dipped and plated in pure 24K Gold to create a breathtaking masterpiece for your lifetime enjoyment. Creating each Gold Rose is a time-consuming process with over 65 meticulous steps and five days of handwork by skilled artisans and technicians.

Our Roses make a great gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, or any occasion that warrants such a unique and precious gift. A great way to show somebody that you really care! Each rose comes complete in a decorative gift box and a fact sheet telling the story of The Forever Rose™.

The Rose has long been a symbol of love, beauty, and emotion. It has been immortalized for centuries in the art and literature of many cultures. It is, to the world, what gold, silver & platinum are to the realm of precious metals. These timeless symbols of richness and beauty have been perfectly combined to create the elegant Forever Rose!



"The most beautiful and large as I was hoping for. I read reviews on other sellers but this was over the top. I was wanting something special for my wife of 50 yrs and I don't think she will be disappointed. If anyone is looking for something special these are the people to go to as you will not be disappointed. It got here the next day and I received a wonderful email from Forever Rose stating that if I had any problems with the product to let them know. A small USA business with a quality product."

"This rose is on point. This rose just takes your breath away even to your loved ones as a gift leaves them speechless. The beauty of itself speaks for you. If you gave this gift to a restaurant you will be the center of attention. Just the way it sparkles makes you want to get a glimpse of it. Because it did to me and my mother was speechless and my family was the center of attention. I highly recommend this gift to your loved ones."

"I just had to write and tell you how so very thrilled I am with my purchase. The item is of such beautiful quality, communication during the order process has been perfect and your postage internationally has been lightning fast. Four working days - WOW!!! There was nothing at all similar in Australia and it took me a lot of running around locally to eventually find what I was looking for online, but this rose is gorgeous and exceeded my expectations above and beyond. Thank you so very much for such wonderful service, I will definitely purchase from you in the future and recommend your company to others."

"I bought this as a pre-wedding gift for my wife that I gave her at our rehearsal dinner. She absolutely loved it. It looks fantastic, the quality is top-notch, but perhaps the most impressive thing is its durability. I assumed we would have to treat it like delicate crystal but in the year she's had it, it's taken about three tumbles from the nightstand onto the carpet and not even a single leaf or petal is bent or broken. Truly impressed with everything about this product, highly recommended." Read more...

Current Selection of Roses by The Forever Rose™

Dipped Rose Collection:

Gold Dipped Forever Roses - This is the Original Gold Rose and the one that started it all over 20 years ago! Our Gold Dipped Roses are fully plated in REAL 24K Gold and are 12" in length. This rose style is also available in Silver, Platinum, and Rose Gold as noted below.

Silver Dipped Forever Roses - The Original Silver Rose (aka Silver Dipped Rose) are the same as our Gold Dipped Rose but fully plated in pure Silver. They are approximately 12" in length.

Platinum Dipped Forever Roses - The Original Platinum Rose (aka Platinum Dipped Rose) is the same as our Gold Dipped Rose but fully plated in pure Platinum. They are approximately 12" in length.

Rose Gold Forever Roses - Our newest finish for our Original Dipped Rose collection. Rose Gold is exclusive to the Forever Rose™ and is an excellent alternative to traditional yellow Gold!

Trimmed Rose Collection:

Gold Trim Forever Roses - Our Gold Trimmed Roses are similar to our Gold Roses, however, the flower and leaves are not plated. Instead, the flower and leaves have a clear lacquer shell to let their color show through! We typically stock over 30 colors of Gold Trimmed Roses!

Platinum Trim Forever Roses - These roses are the same as our Gold Trimmed Roses but trimmed in pure Platinum instead. These are a great choice for those looking for an alternative to yellow gold.

Silver Trim Forever Roses - See our exciting new line of Silver Forever Roses™ here! These roses are exactly the same as our Gold Trimmed Roses but trimmed in pure Silver instead. These are a great choice for those looking for an alternative to yellow gold.

Specialty Forever Roses:

Enchanted Forever Roses - Also know as Enchanted Roses or Beauty and the Beast Roses. These roses have been inspired by the classic "Beauty and the Beast" and are a timeless culmination of our World famous roses and the classic fairy tale!

Perfect Gold Roses - Our 24K Gold Plated "Perfect Rose" is the High Detail version of our standard gold dipped roses. However, this rose is produced using a slightly different method. Each petal is plated individually which produces a rosebud of exceptionally high detail. This is our only rose that is available in both 12", 18", 12" and 18"

Swarovski® Crystals Rose:a real rose, preserved to last a lifetime, and finished with hand-placed genuine Swarovski crystals. Each Custom Forever Rose with Swarovski Crystals is made to order in your choice of rose. The adornment process is painstakingly done by hand and features a level of detail that has to be seen to be believed.

Natural Stem Roses - Each Natural Collection Forever Roses starts as a real rose. We utilize a similar preservation process to our signature gold dipped roses, but without any precious metals. That's not to say these roses are any less precious though. In fact, they make a great gift for someone who just prefers a little less bling, or is well suited for home and office décor. All Forever Rose™ products come with an unconditional money-back guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty!

Forever Rose Jewelry - Our beautiful Gold Rose and Orchid Jewelry are meticulously handcrafted from real miniature flowers and leaves and preserved in lacquer to keep their beauty of nature forever. They are then dipped & plated in 24K Gold for your lifetime enjoyment. Our Jewelry is very beautiful and will make a great gift for any occasion. All genuine Forever Rose® products come with an unconditional money-back guarantee!

Welcome to 24K GOLF - We are very excited to bring you this great new product! Now available in both playable and display versions! That's right, now you can play-em OR display-em! Quickly becoming a favorite among golfers and collectors alike, our golf balls and tees look great whether on display in your favorite setting or on the course!

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