The Forever Rose Specializes in Gifts That Say I Love You

Regardless of whether you're trying to find I love you gifts for him or her, there is a world of options available at your fingertips.

You want expressive, meaningful gifts that say I love you, but you also want something long lasting and durable enough for the recipient to be able to keep and appreciate it for years to come.

Cute I love you gifts are fine, but they aren't going to make the kind of impact that you're looking for, if you're hoping for a dramatic, emotional reaction.

All of our Forever Roses are treated to guarantee that they will last for years. No rotting, no wilting and no disappointing moment where they're forced to throw your gift away.

Forever Roses last a lifetime. And their beauty continues to elevate the decor of any room in which they're displayed.

With that in mind, we've put together a list of a few of our rose colors that we believe would work best as I love you gifts for himor her, depending on the occasion.

Red Rose I Love You Gifts

Traditional I Love You Gifts for Her Never Go Out of Style

There's no color of rose that is recognized as a traditional symbol of romantic affection quite like red roses. Their vibrant red color is so famous, the color is now actually referred to as 'rose red'.

This timeless rose color is reserved for gifts that say I love you more than anyone else. Gifts for the love of your life; someone who gives you butterflies in your stomach every time you see them.

This Natural Red Forever Rose accomplishes this masterfully and could be the most thoughtful gifts that say I love you that they'll ever get. 

Pink Rose I Love You Gifts

A Great Choice for Thoughtful Gifts That Say I Love You

Telling your close friends and extended family that you love them isn't always easy.

Sometimes it can be easier to put those feelings into a gift, than to express them directly. 

Pink roses have long since been used as thoughtful gifts that say I love you, but platonically. They represent friendship, caring and gratitude, which is important for showing that we appreciate having them in our lives.

So, rather than giving them a flower that will eventually dry out and die, considering giving them thoughtful gifts that say I love you and show them just how much they really mean to you.

The Natural Pink Forever Roses make a fantastic choice for these types of thoughtful I love you gifts.

White Rose I Love You Gifts 

Subtle Beauty is Perfect for I Love You Mom Gifts

While white roses are typically given as the best Mother's Day gifts, or used as wedding flower alternatives, there are actually lots of different occasions where a white rose could be the perfect present.

Known to symbolize innocence, reverence, respect and remembrance, these beautiful roses have a quiet beauty that is perfect for I'll love you forever gifts for mom, when you really want to show her just how much you value her in your life.

These also make wonderful I love you grandma gifts, for the older women in our lives that deserve our respect, admiration and appreciation.

Our Natural White Forever Roses are the perfect choice for just because I love you gifts, for all the important women in your life. 

Dipped & Trimmed Rose I Love You Gifts 

A Stunning Selection of I Love You Gifts for Him

Let's be honest, men are challenging to shop for. 

Unless the man you're looking to buy for has some kind of very pastime that you can buy I love you gifts around, there aren't a lot of romantic I love you gifts for him; especially involving flowers. 

But that doesn't mean there aren't any. In fact, the vast majority of colors that are available as Forever Roses, can also be purchased in silver, gold or platinum as well!

These flowers can be dipped entirely, so that the entire rose is colored in silver, gold or platinum, or they can be trimmed in any of these lavish colors, to allow your special someone's favorite colors to shine through. 

This striking Platinum Trimmed Blue Forever Rose is sure to knock his socks off, since they're such fantastic I love you gifts for him

Gifts That Say I Love You 

No Gifts Say I Love You to the Moon and Back like a Forever Rose

There's no denying it, Forever Roses are the absolute best I love you gifts, no matter what occasion you're looking to celebrate or to whom they're going to be gifted.

The only real question that remains is whether you want one of the best gifts to say I love you, or whether you want to settle for something less. Because when you choose to give loved ones a Forever Rose, you're giving them a gift that they'll treasure for the rest of their lives.

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