Give New Graduates a Gift that Will Last a Lifetime

After years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, your loved one is finally about to graduate.

You're incredibly proud of their accomplishment, and you want to show them how proud you are with graduation gifts that are going to knock their socks off.

More than that, you want the best graduation gifts for them. Ones that are sure to remain in their memories for years to come.

The Forever Rose has tons of fantastic graduation gift ideas, so that you not only give them a gift that will last a lifetime, but we've even compiled a list of different colored roses that each have a special connection to different types of degrees.

 If you're looking for stunning, unique graduation gifts, The Forever Rose has the perfect graduation gift ideas for you. 

Yellow Rose Graduation Gifts

Sciences, Social Work & Agriculture

Symbolizing warmth and friendship, it's perfectly fitting that yellow roses would make wonderful graduation gifts for someone going into social work and agriculture, as these careers are about giving back to both society and Mother Earth.

 With the sciences, golden yellow is actually the color associated with graduation gift ideas, which make sense because its vibrant color represents the excitement of new ideas and scientific achievements.

Green Rose Graduation Gifts 

Medicine, Pharmacy & Physical Education - H2 

Green roses have long been known to symbolize hope and a healthy balance between our bodies and our minds.

What better personalized graduation gifts could you give to someone going into a field like medicine, pharmaceutical sciences or physical education than one representing their commitment to helping people maintain good health, physically and mentally.

Blue Rose Graduation Gifts

Philosophy, Education, Public Administration & Foreign Service - H2

Affection, harmony and trust are the most common feelings associated with giving blue roses as part of a graduation gift basket.

They make perfect graduation gift ideas for anyone who works alongside our most vulnerable peers, like teachers and counselors. Where harmony and trust are crucially important among those working in the foreign service.

Peach Rose Graduation Gifts

Nursing & Economics

Peach roses may not be as commonly given as graduation gifts, however, since they symbolize appreciation and gratitude, they make wonderful nurse graduation gifts.

Combined with the fact that they also represent sincerity, they make phenomenal graduation gift ideasfor those working in economics, as well.

Pink Rose Graduation Gifts

Music & Public Health

It's no surprise that pink roses symbolize gentleness, admiration and grace, since they invoke those feelings in anyone appreciating them. And it's no wonder that this color of rose has become known as good graduation giftsfor those working in music or public health fields.

It takes a special kind of patience and talent to excel in these fields, and so you'll want to give them unique graduation gifts, which demonstrate how much you appreciate and value their skills. Getting them a Forever Rose is a perfect way to accomplish this, and give them something they'll be able to keep for the rest of their lives.

Burgundy Rose Graduation Gifts 

Theology, Journalism & Forestry

Beauty, perfection and adoration are the most commonly recognized symbols of the deepest red roses.

These make the best graduation gifts for theologists and those working in forestry, who appreciate the beauty and perfection of nature and the heavens above us. 

While journalists work tirelessly towards accuracy in their stories, making these dark red roses appropriate graduation gifts for them, as well. 

Orange Rose Graduation Gifts 

Engineering, Fine Arts & Architecture - H2

Those working towards fine arts and architecture degrees traditionally lean more towards brown colored gifts, but there's no denying that with orange roses representing passion, excitement and desire, they are fantastic graduation gift ideas for these types of people.

Though it may not appear terribly exciting to those outside their fields, engineers carry a very special kind of passion and excitement, which make these orange roses thoughtful graduation gifts for him or her.

Purple Rose Graduation Gifts

Law & Dentistry

Symbolizing love at first sight, enchantment and mystery, it's poignant that both dentistry and those working in law would enjoy purple roses in their graduation gift basket.

It's not uncommon to hear that people working in both those fields were 'destined' to end up there, and with so little understanding about the intricacies of those industries from those outside, these themes make purple roses the best graduation gifts for these types of graduates.


Consolidated List of Colors by Area of Study:

  • Agriculture: Maize (Yellow)
  • Arts, Letters, Humanities: White
  • Commerce, Accounting, Business: Drab
  • Dentistry: Lilac
  • Economics: Copper
  • Education: Light Blue
  • Engineering: Orange
  • Fine Arts, Architecture: Brown
  • Forestry: Russet
  • Journalism: Crimson
  • Law: Purple
  • Library Science: Lemon
  • Medicine: Green
  • Music: Pink
  • Nursing: Apricot
  • Oratory Speech: Silver
  • Pharmacy: Olive Green
  • Philosophy: Dark Blue
  • Physical Education: Sage
  • Public Administration, Foreign Service: Peacock Blue
  • Public Health: Salmon
  • Science: Golden Yellow
  • Social Work: Citron
  • Theology: Scarlet
  • Veterinary Science: Grey

Of course, there's no way for us to cover all the different possible connections to different fields in one page, or the huge selection of Forever Rose colors available for purchase. 

Why not visit our page that discusses the meanings of each rose color in more depth, and then find a Forever Rose that you believe will be the best fit for your loved one's graduation gifts?

When you give your loved one a Forever Rose, you're not just giving them good graduation gifts, you're giving them a memory that will last the rest of their life.

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