Not every gift is supposed to mean the same thing.

You probably wouldn’t want to give your spouse the same thing as an anniversary gift that you’d give your mom on Mother’s Day, right?

That may be true in most cases, but some gifts are so stunning, so thoughtful and so unique that they’re a perfect choice for any occasion.

The Forever Rose is one of those rare amazing gifts.

Even still, we know that because there are differentrose color meanings, each color conveys a different kind of emotion. That’s why we make the Forever Rose available in a rainbow of colors, so that you can always give a gift with the right meaning, no matter the holiday.

Butwhat do the color of roses mean? You wouldn’t want to give a gift with the wrong emotion, because it could give the wrong impression.

No need to worry! We’re going to teach you all about themeaning of different color roses, so that when you’re buying your next Forever Rose, you always make the perfect choice for the person who’s receiving it.



Easily the most recognized color of rose, red roses mean beauty, desire, passion and romantic love.

If you’ve ever wondered ‘what color rose means love?’ a red rose is right down your alley.

Is there a more fitting gift for telling your sweetheart you love them? If there is, we haven’t found it!



Soft, vibrant and carrying very strong feelings of nature, green roses are an amazing choice for spiritual occasions like confirmations or baptisms.

They symbolize calm, fertility, peace and spiritual rejuvenation. As well, because they’re also a symbol of peace, these work well as a funeral flower.



While not found in nature, blue roses are still quite popular. Because they don’t exist naturally, they’ve become a representation of the mysterious and the unattainable.

There’s nothing quite like these mystifying man-made roses, which make them a fitting gift for someone if you’re going to give it to them as a secret admirer.

What better way to express your deep, hidden feelings for someone than with a Forever Rose that will absolutely take their breath away?



A popular rose representing friendship, yellow roses send feelings of joy, caring and cheer. They’re a great choice as a gift of congratulation for a celebratory occasion, such as an engagement or the birth of a new baby.

As well, because of their warmth and bright energy, they’re a great pick-me-up for someone who might be feeling under the weather, as a ‘get well’ present.



Pink roses have possibly the widest range of emotions, which they can embody when given as a gift.

Commonly, they’re used to imply dignity, elegance, admiration, innocence, happiness, gentleness, grace, sweetness and gratitude. Wow!

Soft pink roses are a good choice for early relationships, where red roses might come across too strong. Darker pink roses are a wonderful choice for showing appreciation as a ‘thank you’ gift.



Often connected historically with the Virgin Mary, white roses are a symbol of innocence, purity and chastity. They’re also often associated with spirituality and new beginnings.

These roses are a perfect choice for weddings. As well, they have been used frequently in the past for gifts representing those who have passed on (i.e. a mother who has passed on for Mother’s Day)



Purple roses carry a deep symbolic meaning and are very unique compared to many otherrose color meanings.

Typically, purple roses represent enchantment or things of the mystical variety. However, pale purple roses can mean ‘love at first sight’, while darker shades of purple imply royalty, majesty, fascination and adoration.

These are a wonderful choice for romantic occasions with someone who’s totally unlike anyone else.



Fiery and passionate, orange roses make a very strong statement. They’re frequently used to show fascination, passion, enthusiasm, attraction and desire.

Because orange roses are so bold, they make the perfect gift for a romantic gesture and depending on the color scheme, can be a great choice as wedding flowers.



While not as positive as many other colors, black roses have still become a staple for representing death, rebirth or for saying goodbye.

They’re a risky choice as a gift, unless you’re choosing to give them to the deceased. But who knows? Maybe your special someone would appreciate something a little more on the morose side of things.


While they don’t exist in nature, the Forever rose also has a few varieties of colors that are so extraordinary and so unique, you won’t find them anywhere else.

Available in both trimmed (to accentuate almost any color) and fully dipped, Forever Roses can be done in silver, platinum, gold and rose gold. We even offer a rainbow rose, for those who couldn’t possibly pick a single color!

These flowers aren’t like anything you’ll find in a store, and best of all, every Forever Rose comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Other ‘long-lasting treated roses’ might claim to last a long time, but are known to break after a few months or years. Forever Rose is the only rose that will stand the test of time and offers a warranty to back it up.

Don’t be confined by flowers that come in colors that fade and leaves that wilt. Every special occasion is a memory worth saving, and our roses allow you to savor those memories for the rest of your life. 

So no matter what you’re looking to celebrate, Forever Rose has a flower in the right color to make this gift, the best gift.


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