How to Use Your Phantom Vase

Product Information, Assembly Video & Assembly Instructions

Pictured With Optional Bloom Box Gift Packaging

About Your Phantom Vase™

  • Display anywhere between 1 and 7 genuine Forever Rose roses
  • Remains stable with any configuration of roses
  • Phantom Vase is Patent Pending
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Click play above to see a video of how our phantom vase works. 

Instructions for Inserting or Removing the Multi Rose Insert Ring

Your phantom vase includes a Multi Rose Insert Ring - we're going to refer to it as "the ring". The purpose of this ring is to allow your Phantom Vase to display more than one rose. If you only want to display one rose the ring is not necessary.

Depending on how you purchased or received your Phantom Vase, the ring may have shipped in place or in an envelope off to the side.

If you received your phantom vase in a white gift box, the ring will arrive in place in the vase.

If you received your phantom vase in a black gift box (aka the Bloom Box), the ring will not be in place. It can be found in a white envelope with a tab labeled "Pull". This envelope is placed between the black foam and the outer wall of the gift box (if you don't see it, try removing the foam from the gift box (the envelope may have slipped down during transport).

To Insert The Ring
1) Hold the ring between your thumb and forefinger and insert it between the vertical ribs of the Phantom Vase. Once the ring is between the ribs rotate it 90 degrees so that it is parallel to the table or surface you are working on. Rest the ring on the "shelf" formed by the base of the vertical ribs. 

2) Use the second and third fingers of both hands to lift the ring towards the top of the vase. Once it reaches the teeth (the small notches facing inward) on the inside of the ribs, place your thumbs on top of the vase and squeeze upwards with your second and third fingers until you hear a click. Be sure that the ring is resting on top of all five teeth. If this method doesn't make sense or you find this uncomfortable, you may try to use one hand to hold onto one rib of the base and one hand to work the ring up over each tooth one at a time. Your phantom vase is quite sturdy, but please avoid putting too much pressure on each rib.

3) Once the insert ring is securely in place you may insert roses as you wish. We recommend starting with the rose in the center and then placing additional roses around it.

Please note that the center rose is designed to sit with the tip of the stem sitting in the circle formed on top of the base of the five vertical ribs. The roses placed through the ring are designed to sit with the tips of the stems sitting on top of the circular base.

4) You may display up to 7 roses. Your Phantom Vase was designed to remain stable with genuine Forever Roses placed in any order or any configuration.

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