A Sympathy Gift Guide


Death is the one inevitability in life that none of us wants to face.

Unfortunately, at some point in our lives, we’re all going to have to deal with the loss of family members or loved ones.

It’s never easy. In fact, it can be one of the most difficult things you encounter in your life.

So, when someone close to us experiences the loss of a loved one, naturally, you want to show them your support withsympathy gifts.

It’s very common for people to do something simple likesympathy gift baskets with fruit or candies. But treats are fleeting.

If you want to show your love and support by giving moreunique sympathy gifts, you’ll want something beautiful; something they can keep as a memory of their lost loved one for the rest of their lives. A reminder of the happy times they shared with the loved one they lost.

That’s exactly why a Forever Rose is one of thebest sympathy gifts you can give. We have roses in every color you could possibly need to show you care and express your sympathy.

It’s a perfect way to give meaningful condolences, while also sharing a gift that they hold onto for the rest of their lives, as a memory of the loved one they’ve lost.


Though not naturally occurring in nature, black roses have become a common theme in funerals representing the beauty of those who’ve since passed on.

It’s important that you were close to the deceased, if you’re going to choose this color of roses, because they aren’t as symbolic of personality traits as other colors.

This makes them a fitting choice forpet sympathy gifts or as amiscarriage sympathy gift,which can be some of the most difficult losses to deal with.


White roses have a broad spectrum of meanings, but they’re very commonly seen at funerals or given withsympathy gifts for someone who’s just experienced theloss of their mother.

Representing purity, innocence and spirituality, it’s no surprise that these roses are comforting to those who’ve just lost their mother.

People like to remember their mothers as infallible, pure people that maintained their dignity and strength through even the toughest situations. White roses superbly capture those emotions in a way that’s both respectful and striking.


Symbolizing peach, calm and spiritual rejuvenation, green roses are fittingsympathy gifts for someone who’s just experienced theloss of theirfather.

We tend to look back on our fathers for their lifetimes of hard work, their quiet strength and their calm, authoritative demeanours.

Green roses excellently capture those feelings of respect, and guide us towards embracing the peace that they’ve found in passing.

For fathers who were avid hunters, fishermen or nature lovers, green roses are also an appropriate fit to represent those aspects of their personalities.


The bright, cheerful feeling you get when you look at yellow roses makes you think about caring and friendship, which doesn’t necessarily lead to thoughts of loss and grieving.

Yet, because they give off such a positive energy, yellow roses are still a great choice to include with yoursympathy gifts.

Known for their ability to offer an emotional pick-me-up, this can be a wonderfully unexpected way to show someone you care and that you’re there for them.


One of the most appropriate rose colors you can choose are peach roses, because they literally represent sympathy.

These stunning flowers also invoke feelings of sincerity and appreciation, which are also fitting emotions to express when remembering those we’ve just lost.

Try combining peach and yellow roses together to createpersonalized sympathy gifts totally unlike anything else.

Showing sympathy can be difficult. You want to show your support and love, but you also don’t want to come across too strong. The Forever Rose is able to convey those feelings respectfully and gently, while maintaining an essence of tranquility that’s fitting for these times of grief.

So, if you’re trying to think ofsympathy gift ideas that are breathtaking, unique and last forever, there’s only one choice – The Forever Rose.

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