Mother's Day Gift Ideas from The Forever Rose


There’s no one in this world more precious to us than our mothers.

They brought us into this world, and as many have warned, they can take us back out if we don’t mind our manners.

They’ve raised us, loved us, cared, fed and sheltered us long enough for us to grow into strong, good-natured, independent people.

So, it’s no surprise that in 1908 when Anna Jarvis held a memorial celebration for her mother in West Virginia, the sentiment caught on like wildfire.

By 1914, it had become so popular that Woodrow Wilson proclaimed every second Sunday in May would be a national holiday in honor of our mothers.

This was theorigin of Mother’s Day, as well as the start of a long tradition of appreciating and spoiling our mothers with gifts and affection on their special day.

It may not always be a mother you want to celebrate either. Aunts, grandmothers and mother-in-laws can all be important mother figures in our lives too. They deserve as much love and appreciation as our real mothers. Some even more.

However,Mother’s Day 2021 is on Sunday, May 9th, which is only a few short weeks away. Have you taken the time yet to decide what you want to get the maternal figures in your life?

Probably not, right? Life gets pretty hectic sometimes, especially right now with all the uncertainty in the air.

But don’t worry! We’re here to help you find thebest Mother’s Day gifts.

Lots of local businesses normally runMother’s Day events. Restaurants will run special dinner promotions, or because it’s on a Sunday, many will hold aMother’s Day brunch. Unfortunately, with a great deal of restaurants not offering dine-in services over the next few months, this may not even be an option this year.

In fact, a lot of physical business may not be offering their services over Mother’s Day this year, which means that you’ll have to think of someMother’s Day delivery gifts, rather than shopping for them in a store.

This is where one traditional gift will stand out against the rest: flowers.

Over the years,Mother’s Day flowers have become one of the most commonly given gifts because of their natural beauty, and their ability to convey certain emotions based on the type and color of the flowers being gifted.

Of course, as a traditional symbol of love, the rose has frequently stood out as the perfect choice for this present.

They’re instantly recognizable, stunning and carry a wide variety of meanings, depending on which colors you choose.

That’s why the Forever Rose is available in a rainbow of colors, to convey every emotion you could want to share, in a flawless gift which will last a lifetime.

Yellow roses are one of our most popular Mother’s Day colors, since it represents joy and friendship. A fitting choice for a mother who’s upbeat personality brings sunshine into your life.

Traditional red roses don’t always have to mean romantic love. They’re a classic symbol of all kinds of love and passion. A great way to show an enthusiastic mother just how much you appreciate her constant unwavering support.

A pink rose is a great way to show appreciation or admiration. If your mother is graceful and sweet, this could be the perfect choice for her.

A purple rose is a great choice if your mother is wise and creative.

Green is great for peaceful mothers, or those who embrace calmness and harmony with nature. White is great for symbolizing innocence, purity, and for those whose mothers have passed on, it’s also a great way to pay respect in memory of your mother.

The variety is almost endless. No matter what your mother’s personality might be, roses can convey a rainbow of emotions that will perfectly fit your needs.

It’s not always mothers specifically that we celebrate, either. Whether you’re looking forMother’s Day gifts for your wife orMother’s day gifts for your grandma, roses are an amazing option to show those other maternal figures how important they are to you.

The real issue is whether you want to give your loved ones a gift that’s going to wilt, die and then rot in only a few short weeks.

That’s where we come in.

The Forever Rose is exactly what it sounds like – a stunning, one-of-a-kind rose that lastsforever.

Sure, there are other companies out there with treated roses that claim they last indefinitely, but when you start reading reviews, you’ll find a lot of them might last six months to a year before they break.

You’ll never have to worry about that with the Forever Rose. We have a lifetime guarantee on all our roses, so you’ll never have to worry about your perfect, thoughtful gift being broken or thrown away.

We offer roses in every color you could imagine, so you can convey the right emotion. The Forever Rose is even available in dipped or trimmed gold, silver and platinum, so you can give her a beautiful gift unlike anything she’s ever seen before.

If you’re looking forMother’s Day ideas, and you want something that’s going to show her just how much she means to you, give her the gift that never dies, never fades and never breaks, just like the love and admiration you have for her.

Whichever ‘mother’ you want to celebrate, give them the Forever Rose this year, and they’ll get to enjoy a permanent reminder of just how much you appreciate them. 

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