Apology Gift Guide

What's the best way to say you're sorry? We have some apology gift ideas & advice to give you

Sorry. That one word can carry so much weight. So much more than most other single words could ever hope to carry.But when you have to use this magic word, the circumstances aren’t usually in your favor.

The best gifts to say I'm sorry

So, if you’re searching for the best ways to say I'm sorry, look no further!
The Forever Rose is a fantastic way to show someone that you’re sorry, while also giving them a gift that is sure to help put you back in their good books.
Depending on the severity of the issue, and the reason you’re saying sorry, you might want to choose different colors to imply different reasons for apologizing.
Thankfully, the Forever Rose is available in a wide variety of colors and styles, making them good apology gifts, regardless of the situation. They’re sure to help you express the perfect apology.

But which is the right color to fit your situation?
Let’s evaluate some different flower colors and how they apply to apologies, so you can be sure you’re making the right choice when you buy your Forever Rose.

Traditionally, red roses are a symbol of romantic love. However, it’s because of that same love that they can be great apology gifts for your girlfriend or wife.
Imagine it: They come home from work to a delicious, home-cooked meal, a candlelit table and standing proudly in the middle as the centerpiece is their new vibrant red Forever Rose.
They swoon, you offer them a true, heartfelt apology and the two of you embrace. All is forgiven because they can see just how much thought and love you’ve poured into your apology.

Perhaps you had a falling out with someone close to you. Whether it’s a partner, a friend or a family member, you don’t want to continue on with all that tension in the air.
You want to apologize, make things right and put all the unpleasantness behind you.
What better way to do that then with a white Forever Rose. They make great apology presents, because they symbolize new beginnings and a soul-deep love
The truth is, once they’ve been given such a remarkably thoughtful gesture, they’re sure to want to talk things out and mend the broken bridges.

Sometimes an apology can be more than just saying sorry for something you’ve done. Sometimes it can be through offering condolences; telling someone that you’re sorry for their loss.
Peach orchids are a very appropriate choice for these kinds of situations, because they are a literal symbol of sympathy.
Bringing these to a wake or funeral can be a wonderful way to express your feelings of sorrow for them, without ever having to say a word.
Give them their gift, share a hug and enjoy remembering the fond times with those who have gone on to the other side.

Mysterious. Eye-catching. Deep and powerful.
If these are words that describe your loved one, then a purple Forever Rose could be the perfect way to say you’re sorry to the person you’ve wronged.
These brilliant roses are so stunning, there’s no way they’ll be able to stay mad at you when you give them one of these roses as an apology.
Since these are also known to represent royalty and elegance, this can be a great way to concede a disagreement; if you’ve realized that you were mistaken.
It’s certainly a pleasant alternative to begging for forgiveness, wouldn’t you say?

Perhaps you’ve gotten into a fight with someone you love, and despite both of your best efforts, your last conversation ended in an ‘agree to disagree’ situation.
Even if you can’t agree about that subject, you want to show them that they’re still important to you. That they’re still one-in-a-million, as far as you’re concerned.
Well, if you want to apologize and start over again, blue or black Forever Roses would be a fitting choice for you.
Since they’re not found in nature, these two colors are unique, mysterious and absolutely stunning. An amazing way to show someone how important they are to you.
Men may not normally be expecting a gift like flowers, but because these are less feminine than other colors of roses, they make great apology gifts for him.
Worst case, if things are too far gone to be salvaged in your relationship, these roses are also a fitting way to apologize, while also saying goodbye in a respectful way.

No matter the situation, occasion or emotions you want to share, there’s a Forever Rose that will fit those needs as apology gifts, which your loved one will want to hang onto for the rest of their life.
Give one today, not as a memory of your disagreement or for the reason you’re apologizing, but because their Forever Rose is so awe-inspiring, it will be a constant reminder of how much you value having them in your life.
After all, they’re a lot better than a simple apology.

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